Why Choose Mirian Solutions?

Mirian's experienced contract manufacturing and fulfillment team can help you bring your innovations to market. From prototypes to full production, packaging, warehousing & distribution, inventory, management, supply chain protection and more, Mirian has you covered with over 40 years of experience. With primary facilities located just outside of Pittsburgh PA, Mirian provides a US-based solution for customers of all sizes. Whether you need a single item or high volume production, we have the capabilities to fully support you.

Full Turnkey & Kanban Services

Our core competency is manufacturing your products with the highest possible quality, on time and on schedule, and at the best value. We can provide full turnkey services, or work with consigned kits or a mix. Mirian works for you.

Product Fulfillment & Distribution

Mirian has experience shipping to over 185 countries, and has warehousing capacity on both sides of the USA and in Europe. We can help your growing business reach your customers wherever they may be in the world.

Inventory Management

Is your cash flow tied up in bulk inventory? Let Mirian help by building to inventory, then shipping to you or even direct to your customers as needed. We can even manage inventory in multiple locations domestic and international.

Build To Print Services

Does your project have unique needs? We can help with custom engineering and design services, metal fabrication and plastic injection molding, custom packaging design, magnetics, switches, LCDs and much more.