Why Should You Choose Mirian Solutions As Your Contract Manufacturer?

1 Mar by MSOL-Marketing

Why Should You Choose Mirian Solutions As Your Contract Manufacturer?

Mirian Solutions is a high touch Contract Manufacturer (CM), meaning we operate as an extension to your organization to expand your manufacturing and logistics capabilities. We aim to help your organization by providing our  

  • Highest quality manufacturing services 
  • Years of industry expertise 
  • Ability to deliver to you exactly what you want, when you want it 

We have the capability and knowledge to help your business with electronics manufacturing, cable harnesses and assemblies, box builds, design to print, logistics, custom packaging and delivery to every continent in the world. Overall, our goal is to act as an extension of your organization to add and extend your existing capabilities. When you work with Mirian as your CM, you can take comfort in knowing that we will go the extra mile to ensure that we’re helping you produce the absolute best products for you to offer your customers. When your business succeeds, so do we. Mirian is here to help tackle any and all contract manufacturing projects, and excel with projects that allow us to collaborate with you to bring a product from prototype to production volumes. 

How do we provide the best services possible? 

We provide our customers with superior CM services by reviewing your bill of materials (BOM) for availability, lifecycle risk, REACH and RoHS compliance and more. We look at aspects such as layout and design to confirm it is optimized for manufacturing and that we’re being efficient with time, cost and resources. Furthermore, we have multiple groups that focus on specific functional areas. 

  1. Group 1 offers Product Fulfillment, Inventory Control, Marketing Services, Product Media Design and Program Management. 
  2. Group 2 offers Quick Turn Prototyping, SMT & Through Hole PCBA, Chassis Assembly, Final Product Testing, Small Preproduction Runs, Electro Mechanical Assembly and Cable Assembly. 
  3. Group 3 offers Final Product Testing, Mid Range Production Quantities and Circuit Board Assembly & Cable Assembly. 
  4. Group 4 offers Final Product Testing, High Volume Production and High Technology Assembly Capabilities. 

Our unique group structure allows us to service small to mid-sized customers working to get new projects off the ground, and scale efficiently with them to transition those products into medium and high volume. Many of our customers have done exactly that and have worked with us for over 10 years. 

What Makes Us Different (And Better)? 

Unlike other contract manufacturers, we take a deep level of interest in all organizations that we work with. Mirian wants to be your partner. We are looking to build and nurture a long term relationship where you feel fully supported and encouraged to bring your best ideas to life. We listen so we can learn the best ways to help your business thrive. We will gladly take on any job, big or small, and you will always feel like our top priority regardless of the size of your orders. 

We fulfill management of high risk parts and hand you top quality, professional packaging and shorter delivery times, while also having inventory prepped and set aside for whenever our customers need them. 

Because we take an educated approach to manufacturing, we have perfected our ability to identify concerns early on before they unfold to bigger issues. You can expect quick responses from us and thorough communication. Mirian can help you with PCB assembly, circuit board, cable assembly, turnkey, consigned inventory, risk management, lead times, EOL product planning and much more. 

Our Personal Touch 

We don’t stop there though. Because we want to do everything in our power to set your business up for success, we will also proactively call you when we’re regularly reviewing your projects as part of our Supply Chain Protection Program. If we see an opportunity to improve a product or that you may be running low on inventory or lead times are extending, we will check in with you to collaborate on solutions that are best for you and your organization. For more information on how Mirian Solutions can be your ideal contract manufacturing partner, please email us at Sales@MirianSolutions.com.