Component Lead Times – How Mirian Does It Best

5 Apr by MSOL-Marketing

Component Lead Times – How Mirian Does It Best

When it comes to lead times, the shorter the better. Reduced manufacturing lead times are crucial to the success of your business because the shorter the lead time, the more productive and efficient your entire operation can be. Manufacturing lead times are the amount of time it will take to receive your stock from your supplier. Now due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re seeing virtually every industry experience unprecedented long lead times. 

Getting your order fulfilled as soon as possible will improve your business’s productivity, reduce the likelihood of running out of stock entirely, improve your cash flow cycles and overall improve your business’s reputation. There are many ways to reduce lead times, but it all starts with choosing the right company to manufacture your products.

Why Is Mirian Solutions The Best Choice?

Our Years of Experience

Here at Mirian, we offer many types of services so that we can provide all of our customers with the shortest possible lead time. Our main priority is to help ensure you have reliable and high quality stock coming in a timely manner. Our project managers have decades of industry expertise, so we have seen it all. As we continue to grow, we are constantly learning and continuing to improve the level of quality that we can provide. One aspect of Mirian Solutions that is unique to us is our comprehensive ability to identify potential lead time issues very early on. This is vital because by identifying concerns early, we can address smaller problems and take those into account before they even have the chance to unfold into bigger problems. We have the experience necessary to identify ways to improve supply chain and give our customers the best service available.

Our Supply Chain Protection Program

We offer a unique Supply Chain Protection Program where we will proactively monitor your business’s supply chain in order to help identify potential problems before they become bigger issues. The goal of this program is to minimize lead times and costs as much as possible. One way we do this is by purchasing and maintaining inventory of your products, so everything is ready for you when you need it. We can also deliver your products discreetly and directly to your customers to improve your customer satisfaction.

Our Kanban Inventory

Another unique aspect of manufacturing with Mirian Solutions is that we offer KanBan inventory. We will proactively hold inventory in stock for you based off your schedule and how much you need to meet customer demand. Many contract manufacturers will only offer a build to demand method where they will only build what you need as you need it, which could potentially leave periods of time where you’re low or out of stock of the products you need. By offering Kanban, we’re also providing a service where you can place a larger blanket order. We want to take the time to understand your business and inventory scheduling so we can set schedule releases and be ready to fulfill your orders more quickly. Blanket purchase orders with scheduled releases allow us to account for any potential concerns or extra lead time so you’re receiving your inventory as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Our Amazing Team

We’re proud to say that Mirian Solutions has an incredible team of hardworking individuals who all strive to demonstrate why Mirian Solutions is the superior choice for contract manufacturing. Whenever you contact us, you are speaking with someone who will work to understand your needs and get you exactly what you want. Any time you call or email us, you can expect a timely response.  

We’re happy to provide services that help manage and mitigate the impacts of component lead times and offer the best manufacturing experience possible to our customers.

Contact Us

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