Mirian Solutions Success Story: Room Alert Environment Monitoring

21 May by MSOL-Marketing

Mirian Solutions Success Story: Room Alert Environment Monitoring

Mirian Solutions provides complete contract manufacturing services that can take your product idea from conception through design and development, to production and product fulfillment or any other part of your project requirements. Businesses who partner with Mirian can expect a plethora of benefits such as cost savings, the ability to focus more on their core competencies, flexibility and scalability, access to our team’s expertise and technology as well as risk mitigation and more. 

We are proud to support and work with customers in a number of different industries to assist with their electronics and cable assembly projects. For almost 15 years, we’ve been trusted with the manufacturing of Room Alert environment monitoring products by AVTECH Software.

Our Background, Qualifications & Expertise

We have been bringing new products to market and scaling production to meet demand for over 40 years. From our humble beginnings outside of Pittsburgh, PA we have grown in experience and expertise that now allows us to have the most knowledgeable and qualified team possible. With primary facilities located just southwest of Pittsburgh PA, Mirian provides an ideal US-based solution. We also have experience with shipping to over 185 countries, so we can confidently offer our wide range of services to companies located anywhere in the world. 

Our specialty is being able to fulfill even the most unique needs. Mirian can handle metal fabrication and plastic injection molding, custom packaging design, magnetics, switches, LCDs and much more. Our certifications include:  

  • ISO 9001:2015  
  • J-STD-001  
  • IPC-A-610 F Class C  
  • RoHS Compliant

Manufacturing Room Alert

AVTECH Software came to us with a need to handle the manufacturing of their Room Alert environment monitoring hardware. One of their top priorities was making sure everything they provide is made in the USA to support their government and military customers, while providing domestic access for their team to assist with their rapid growth. AVTECH’s customers depend on Room Alert to notify them about unexpected environment issues that could cause damage or downtime, so quality and maintaining ISO 9001 certifications was also extremely important. ISO 9001 is a globally recognized standard for quality management that helps organizations of all sizes and sectors to improve their performance, meet customer expectations and demonstrate their commitment to quality. By partnering with Mirian and keeping a domestic supply chain, AVTECH is also able to mitigate shipping delays due to overseas transit, or potentially run into issues that involve lengthy travel delays to resolve.

Mirian’s Prime Location

Another reason why AVTECH knew a partnership with Mirian was a great decision is because our primary facilities are located just outside of Pittsburgh PA. Pennsylvania is considered a prime location for contract manufacturers for several reasons. For example, Pennsylvania is strategically located on the East Coast of the United States, providing easy access to major markets in the Northeast, Midwest, and Mid-Atlantic regions. Its proximity to major cities like Chicago, St. Louis, New York City, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington D.C. makes it an ideal location for manufacturers looking to serve these markets, which was a critical factor for AVTECH. Additionally, with a population of over 12.8 million people, Pennsylvania offers a large and diverse consumer market. Its proximity to major population centers on the East Coast provides access to over 100 million consumers within a day’s drive. Pittsburgh is transforming from an iconic steel town into a modern innovation hub, and Mirian is positioned well to leverage this major industrial shift.

Kanban & Inventory Management

Another deciding factor that made us the perfect choice for AVTECH Software was our unique offering of Kanban inventory. We will proactively hold inventory in stock for you based on your schedule and needs and how much you need to meet customer demand. For AVTECH, we build and hold on inventory, then ship to their warehouse facility or even direct to their customers in custom AVTECH packaging, as needed. We can even manage inventory in multiple locations, domestic and international. By offering Kanban, we are providing an invaluable service to our customers such as AVTECH, where you can easily place a larger blanket order. Blanket purchase orders with scheduled releases allow us to account for any potential concerns or extra lead time so you’re receiving your inventory as quickly and efficiently as possible. This delivers the best possible support for AVTECH through surges in demand, because we can ship to them or on their behalf at a moment’s notice. We’re proud to share that, in spite of the supply chain challenges of the last several years, we have helped AVTECH avoid any shipping delays by working with them to mitigate component shortages and ensure sufficient inventory levels to meet their customers’ needs.

Full Turnkey Services

Simply put, our clients can leave the entire manufacturing process to us! Our incredible team helps our clients such as AVTECH by taking on the responsibility for all stages of production, from sourcing raw materials to assembly and final product delivery. All you have to do is provide us with product specifications, designs and any other relevant information. We will then manage the entire supply chain, procure raw materials, manufacture the product, conduct quality control, and handle all logistics. We’re ready to partner with our customers with any or all of these parts of the manufacturing process and operate as an extension of their business.

Success for AVTECH & Beyond

Mirian Solutions, with over 40 years of experience in contract manufacturing, exemplifies excellence in bringing innovative products to market. Our partnership with AVTECH to manufacture Room Alert environment monitoring products underscores our commitment to quality and efficiency. With services in the U.S.A., ISO 9001 certification, Kanban and inventory management, we offer AVTECH a reliable, domestic supply chain, ensuring control over the manufacturing process. Choose Mirian Solutions for peace of mind in manufacturing, allowing you to focus on your core competencies while we handle every aspect of production. Contact us today at Sales@MirianSolutions.com or call us at 724-746-6532 to learn more about how we can bring your product ideas to life.