Specialized Facilities To Fully Support You

5 Jul by MSOL-Marketing

Specialized Facilities To Fully Support You

Here at Mirian Solutions, we are a comprehensive contract manufacturer who can take your product idea from conception through design and development, to production and product fulfillment or any portion of your project requirements. With over 40 years of experience and primary facilities located just outside of Pittsburgh PA, Mirian provides a US-based solution for customers of all sizes. Our team has the capabilities to fully support you and your business’s needs. We have experience handling the simplest SMT and Thru-hole assemblies to complex hybrid circuit boards and everything in between.

The ability to place any SMT component and handle even the most complicated assemblies has kept us at the forefront of manufacturing technology. We are able to build single-piece prototypes through high-volume production while maintaining a competitive edge due to the fact that we have separate facilities specializing in specific disciplines.

Production Capabilities

Our Production Capabilities combine current equipment with trained assemblers to offer SMT PCB Assembly, Through Hole PCB Assembly, Cable Assembly, Wire Harness Assembly, Box Builds and Chassis Assembly. This includes multiple high-speed SMT lines, A full series of SMT automated production cells of varying capacities, several auto-insertion lines – through hole, as well as multiple wire stripping, cutting & labeling lines.

Testing Capabilities

Our Testing Capabilities include Flying Probe, Functional Testing, AOI, Box Builds and X-Ray.

Additional Services

We also offer additional services to make sure we are completely meeting all of our customers’ needs throughout the entire contract manufacturing process. These services include Material and or Component Procurement, Kitting Services, Full Product Fulfillment, Single P.O.C. Program Management, and Reshoring & Domestic Adaptation.

Putting Our Customers Needs First

Our specialized facilities help us to achieve our main goal which is to always put our customers’ needs first. By always putting our customer’s needs first, we have developed a reputation for on-time delivery, including super-fast turnaround when required. When you partner with Mirian, you can take comfort in knowing that above all else, we will work with you to ensure your product is delivered in the quantities you need at the exact time you need it.

Contact Us

For more information about how Mirian Solutions can support your business, please email us at Sales@MirianSolutions.com or call us at 724-746-6532.